An exercise in 'making meaning'.  'Can we tidy this away?'  is a question that I find myself asking daily.  Several times a day.  I realised quite early on that it had passive aggressive undertones to it, not least because the use of 'we' suggests that whatever tidying might be done could be a joint activity when what I'm really asking is that someone else tidy up their own mess and leave me out of the equation.  Applied to a series of semi-random shots taken on a short walk around Glasgow one morning, the ambiguity of the statement took on another meaning again - can we sweep this under the carpet/make this more acceptable/pretend this doesn't exist.  

I recalled the time when a 'press advisor' to the labour party declared that the terrorist attack on the twin towers in America had provided them with a good day to bury bad news.  Taking a look at the newspapers that day I noted how even my favourite paper had felt the need to devote an entire section to expensive holidays and fancy home interiors to soften the blow of the political and religious upheaval going on in other pages.  It's as if we don't really want to acknowledge reality any more.