Our task was to create five books - or rather, to create one book and then copy it to make five versions, each one with just one difference.  I have been taking a great deal of inspiration from the building where I am working.  My writing project was, in many ways, a criticism of the sound quality in the building but this time I wanted to show some of the more positive aspects.  I don't think anyone who works or studies here at the Reid Building does so without recognising the impact of their surroundings.  It's an interaction.  A dialogue if you like.  Most people are immediately struck by the Driven Voids of Light and the effect that they have on the light quality around the building but there are also less obvious delights for the eye if you look for them.  

The images for these books were taken on my trusty Pentax K1000:


Book one is made from digital scans of the prints I got back from SnappySnaps.


Book two consists of digital photographs that I took of the negatives using a macro lens, and old biscuit tin and a lightbox.  


Book three is  digital photographs of the same negatives projected through a 35mm enlarger with the darkroom safe light on.  


Book four is made up of digital scans of the negatives, converted to positives, and overlayed with line drawings on transparencies and line drawings as well as combinations of print, line and overlays.


Book five is a combination of collages, the material for which was sourced by taking digital photographs of posters that had been put up within the Reid Building, and digital photographs of the destroyed negatives.    


This selection includes my favourite images from across the five books.