On days where work is going well we are said to experience 'flow'.  This is the sensation of being utterly absorbed in and engaged with our activity so that time becomes meaningless and the only thing that matters is to keep on going.  As an adult those days are precious and cherished.  As children, with little or no expectations for our creative outputs they were the norm, the standard and came to us with no effort on our part.

To try and understand how we might have more control over the times when we now experience flow, it is necessary to look back and see what motivated us to create when we simply did it for the joy it brought.  I came to understand that it's when I'm making up worlds and stories for the people who inhabit them that I am most at peace and that oftentimes that happens most naturally when I'm bored.  


Here I present the digital versions of the slideshow that I put on so that others could replicate the boredom and wonder of being subjected to other people's meaningless imagery and hopefully find something to engage their attention for the duration of their suffering.