At the end of First Year, for my Self-Negotiated Project, I wanted to make a record of our class and to consider just what makes a portrait. This was an act of further getting to know my peers at Glasgow School of Art and a questioning of what elements need to be present before a portrait can be said to have been made.  

I elected to include both sketches and photographs, and photographs of inhabited spaces or emblematic objects as well as making more accepted forms of portraiture.  I attempted a variety of approaches, from candid and window lit shots to those made in a makeshift studio.  Some of the images that follow were done entirely at my direction and others were more collaborative in nature.  It's these that I think work best as the relationship between photographer and subject is reinforced through discussion and planning and shared vision.  At the same time this is not just a series of individual portraits; this is our class, as it was at the end of our First Year together at Art School.