Why do we feel the number 100 to be an important number?  It is a nice, neat, tidy number that sits well within our metric system, and for me at any rate it represents order, and solidity.  But we also use it as a token for celebration (being in the Top 100, reaching the age of 100) and as a signifier for effort; there's no point setting a punishment of just ten lines because there's no value in a punishment that doesn't require hard work.  Reaching the age of 73 is an accomplishment but not as much cause for celebration as reaching that centenary milestone.  


There is a widely held belief that on reaching 100 years of age, you will receive a telegram from the Queen.   It's not entirely accurate.  What you receive nowadays is a birthday card with a printed message inside.  It's hardly personal.  It takes very little effort on her part.  I wonder if she's involved at all?  


I chose to write out the Queen's message one hundred times, pondering the idea of value, worth, celebration and effort that I associate with the number 100.