Documenting an unseen side of the city.  My journey from the suburbs to city doesn't usually involve me seeing much of the city.  I take the train to Partick, jump on the subway and emerge in Cowcaddens.  For a couple of weeks I decided to walk this journey instead and see something of the overground route that is normally hidden to me.  Additionally, and based on my experiences for the 24 Hour City Relay where I had become aware that we see the city only fleetingly, I wanted to give more attention to intriquing vistas that shop windows and reflections create - the little dramas played out under our noses.  It was a pleasure to walk instead of being rattled around in an underground tin can, not least because I met and chatted with people who were interested in what I was doing - not something that happens very often on the Subway.  The most frequent question was "Are you from the council?" as the residents seemed concerned that someone should be "doing something" about the flytipping and littering that was so prevalent.  But there was also a pride in their area that few felt able to leave unexpressed.